In 2012, we have celebrated 100 years since the founding of the Tormac commune school. On this occasion, here is a short history of the school, from its founding until present day.
In 1910, at the suggestion of the new priest, Zöld Mihály, the construction of a modern school, having five classrooms, a teachers’ office and a teachers’ dwelling, was started. The costs were of 70.000 crowns, the school being designed and built by the local Lehőcz József.
The inauguration took place on 11 November 1911.
The new school had five teachers: Zöld Zoltán, Bányai Péter, Valkay György, Kádár Sándor, and Benedek József. They taught the Tormac youth until the beginning of the First World War.
In the meantime, the number of the children in the commune increased by including the orphan children sent by the Romanian State to Tormac. The state school now had three teachers: Nicolényi István, Krasznai József, and Zahronyik Irén.
In the 1926-1927 school year, the compulsory education of 7 grades was introduced, and in the state schools the teaching language was Romanian.
Starting with July 1920, the teachers of the Reformed school were Zöld Zoltán sr., Korsós Péter, Nagy Árpád, Kádár Károly, and Zöld Zoltán jr.
In 1948, the Reformed school became subordinated to the State, and in 1955 the two schools (the state school and the Reformed school) became a single school with two teaching languages: the grades I-IV were being taught in Romanian, and the grades I-VII were being taught in Hungarian.
In the 1962-1963 school year, the first V grade with Romanian as a teaching language was created.
1965 was the graduation year of the first class in the 8-grade system.
The number of students and grades continued to grow, leading to the necessity of building two more classrooms, and in 1965 the construction of another building, having four classrooms, was started.
The gymnasium was used for the first time by the students in 1975.

In 2012, the school had 209 pupils, out of which 143 in the Romanian section and 66 in the Hungarian section.
The pupils were led on the arduous, but rewarding road of knowledge by six schoolmasters and twelve teachers.
The teachers in activity at that moment were: Peres Ibolya – headmaster, Bidileci Laura, Bódis Dóra, Boranc Diana, Bordanc Mihai, Cretu Cristina, Czudar Julianna, Dumitrascu Nicoleta, Leanca Paula, Mátyás Erzsébet, Nicola Larisa, Pastean Erika, Plesa Laura, Pobega Andrei, Stefan Ionela, Tóth Illés, Tóth Melinda, Tóth Rozália, Újj Brigita, Ureche Diana.

Among the school staff there were schoolmasters and teachers who, in their turn, had studied there. Their embracing the teaching profession was due to the tireless work of those schoolmasters who have dedicated several decades of their lives to the Tormac school.
The improvement of the school conditions is also due to the selfless work of its headmasters, who have led for 100 years, with competence and devotion, this institution. We would like to respectfully mention the following ones: Zöld Zoltán sr. (1912-1931), Zöld Zoltán jr. (1932-1935), Korsós Péter (1935-1949), Kádár Károly (1949, 1952, 1957-1958), Bakk Albert (1950), Karkus Lajos (1950-1952), Berky György (1953), Lehőcz Mihály (1954-1956), Bálint István (1958-1966), Roşu Corneliu (1966-1980, 1984-1999), Scurtescu Margareta (1980-1984), Păştean Erika (2000-2003), Pereş Ibolya (2003- ), Păştean Erika (- present day).